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Take a look at our quarterly video newsletter! On the menu for this quarter, we have some exciting updates to share with you: from product, to webinars, to new resources. 


Here is the latest episode of our quarterly video newsletter. On the menu today, we have some exciting news for you and exclusive content to share. Without further ado, let's dive right in!

Rewatch our recent webinars

Let’s start with our most recent webinars — in case you missed the live webinars we held this month; you can now watch them for free on our website.

The first one was hosted by Camilla and Marie, Ambassify's Content Creator and Operations Officer respectively — they talked about how to build a strong employer brand in a hybrid company so that you can truly make an impact. You can find the full webinar recording right here.

For the second one, we collaborated with Simone Bonnett, Social Media Manager and Employee Advocacy Specialist. Camilla interviewed her on the topic of employee advocacy and we unpacked her vision of a more humanized advocacy strategy. If you wanna revisit the interview, you can find it here.

Top-notch product updates

Strava integration

We have added a new Strava integration to our platform that allows employees to connect their accounts to the platform and contribute to community goals.

For example, say there’s a community goal to walk X kms – when your Strava account is connected you’ll automatically contribute to that goal every time you go for a walk or a run.


We also have a new feature to complete our sustainability module, and it’s called Effects.

This feature allows admins to configure the real-life impact of an interaction on an Ambassify campaign. This way, you can turn interactions into all kinds of equivalents in real life, such as donating blood, donating money, recycling waste, exercising, volunteering, etc. This all depends on the nature of either the sustainability trackers or the goals the campaign is related to.

New content and exclusive resources

Last but not least, we wanna talk about some recent resources we’re loving and want to share with you. The first piece of content is the Employer Branding checklist – an interactive PDF checklist for you to intentionally work on your Employer branding strategy.

Intentionally tackle employer branding today with our Checklist

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The second one is our Employer branding ebook, focused on building a strong employer brand in a hybrid company. From the not-so-secret secret to bringing out your unique identity as an employer in your hybrid culture to maintaining & strengthening your Employer Brand with employee advocacy. Learn how to embody your hybrid DNA and culture in your employees’ lifecycle and experience in a hybrid environment.

Build and maintain a strong and unique brand in your company

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You can find those and many more ebooks and downloadables in our content library!

Our newsletter has come to an end — we'll see you next quarter!