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  1. social media trends for 2024

    Social Media Statistics of 2023 and Trends for 2024

    Social media stands as the core of global connectivity, reflecting the dynamic shifts in...

  2. dealer advocacy program

    How to set up a dealer advocacy program in 6 steps

    What is dealer advocacy

    Dealer advocacy resembles the more known customer or employee advocacy,...

  3. Solidify your relationship with your dealers with dealer advocacy

    Solidify your relationship with your dealers with dealer advocacy

    Dealers are an important part of your brand. They are the face of your brand; they...

  4. 7 steps to building a solid employee advocacy strategy

    7 Steps to Building a Solid Employee Advocacy Strategy

    Let us start this article with a premise or a disclaimer if you will. Building a strong employee...

  5. how to grow your brand with dealer advocacy

    How to Grow your Brand with Dealer Advocacy & Content Marketing

    Many brands rely on dealers or resellers to sell their products to end customers. These can be...

  6. How KRAMP unifies branding and messaging through Dealer Advocacy

    How KRAMP Unifies Branding and Messaging through Dealer Advocacy

    It’s safe to say that no matter what type of company you are, having an advocacy program is a very...

  7. employee social media guidelines

    Essential Employee Social Media Guidelines and Why You Need Them

    What are employee social media guidelines?

    Let’s start from the beginning: there is an important...

  8. launching an employee advocacy program

    Launching an Employee Advocacy Program: Beyond the Platform

    When embarking on launching an employee advocacy program using a platform like Ambassify, the focus...