Newsletter: Instagram Share & Community Goals

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Instagram share is here!

Yes, you read that correctly. Our native mobile app now supports Instagram share! 

We’re particularly proud of this one, I must admit. We know this is super important for a lot of customers, so we’re happy this will make a huge impact on their strategies.

It’s easy to use, of course, and it works just like the other Social Media share button, with just one addition: you’ll be able to choose the format of your post, that is, story or regular post. 

Work towards community goals with your employees

A new, game-changing feature is now in beta testing – community goals!

What is it? Glad you asked. It’s a feature that allows community admins to set up common goals for the Ambassadors within a community. 

The way it works is super easy: every time an Ambassador participates in a campaign, the points won will also be added towards the goal, and you can all reach objectives and goals together as a community! 

Build a sustainability-oriented community and drive positive change

Sustainability use case

A lot of upgrades for our plugin!

Remember our browser plugin that allows you to tag people on LinkedIn and create campaigns on the spot? 

Well, we’ve just upgraded it…a bunch.

Now you’ll be able to:

  • Tag people and companies in LinkedIn descriptions
  • Create a campaign on the spot from LinkedIn posts
  • Also, from tweets
  • Also, from any link you have
  • Oh, and you can do all this on Chrome and Microsoft Edge

That's it for this quarter, stay tuned for the new updates of the new year!

The Ambassify Team