Implementing a Cafeteria Plan at Ambassify

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Have you implemented a salary package à la carte? We took the leap and couldn't be happier as a company. In this blog, we share what we learned about implementing a cafeteria plan for our team and why we did it.

Why, you might ask?

Before we dive into the details, you have to know that Ambassify was founded upon one belief: people are your only remaining USP. Therefore, we work daily to create the best possible toolset for our customers to build genuine communities with their employees… More on that here!

Now that you’ve learned about our why as a company, it might not be a surprise that we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our employee experience. This year, we decided to introduce a cafeteria plan as one way of achieving this.

This cafeteria plan allows our team to have a bigger say in how their salary is allocated, which aligns with one of our company's core values: ownership!

What we learned

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. Here are the top two things we learned:

  • Bottom-up approach. When you’re researching whether or not something might be interesting for your team, it’s always best to approach it bottom-up. Employees appreciate being involved in bigger decisions that ultimately impact them. At Ambassify, we created a community campaign using our own platform to survey the team:

    We got a 100% response rate and could immediately flag possible issues that this introduction might cause. This sped up the process and ensured we were on the right track.

  • Communication is key. Once we collected the information from the survey, we created a Notion page that tackled all the flagged topics in the survey. This made sure the team knew we were taking their feedback into consideration and that they were heard. (P.S. Top listening strategy tip: also do something with the feedback!)

    On top of this, it also made things very clear from the beginning. We clearly explained the financial impact that it might have on individuals and the advantages one could receive.

Our conclusion? Transparency makes the road to success easier.

💡 An important note: It is crucial to have a great partner who supports you along the way. We worked with Payflip on this project, and we are very pleased with how it went!

Some employee testimonials

Want to hear about it directly from the horse’s mouth? Here’s the testimonial of a few of our employees who claimed some benefits through Payflip!

Elise, Head of Customer Success: "I selected a few benefits in Payflip, which include leasing a bike, new headphones, and a pension refund. The process for all these benefits was simple and uncomplicated. When ordering a bike, you can go to a local store, choose your bike & request an offer. If you received the offer, you can create a simulation in Cyclis. Once you're ok with it, you can create the official offer. As a result, you'll receive the monthly lease fee, which you have to input in Payflip. Once approved Cyclis will order the bike, and you'll be notified of when you can pick it up! Very smooth process for me!"

Camilla, Content Creator & Copywriter: "I picked out an iPad and an Apple pencil to use with it, and it was super quick and easy to do. IT literally took me 2 minutes to do it the day after it was approved, and the day after that, I had my goods delivered. I actually realized too late that I ordered the wrong model of Apple pencil, so I got I followed a CoolBlue link to exchange it, and again 2 days later, it was all sorted out, and I had the right pencil at home. I also requested the pension refund as an additional benefit, so that was paid out in net in the following month's salary. Easy peasy."

Nils, Account Executive: "Payflip & Cyclis allowed me to get my dream bike for quite a favorable investment. Test riding all the bikes you see on the Tour de France these days was fun and more exhausting than the actual buying process - once you know what you want, it’s a matter of days until your bike is green-lighted and on order. Looking forward to a summer on a brand new Factor Ostro VAM”

Our team was so excited that they happily created this reel: