How We Took Dealer Advocacy to the Next Level at P&V Group

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P&V Group started working with Ambassify in 2022 with the goal of turning its agents into ambassadors, improving their social selling and thought leadership, and providing them with relevant and up-to-date content to generate more business. Here's the story of how we are taking dealer advocacy to the next level at P&V.

Content creation made easy

Being present on social media is something we consider very important at P&V Group, and therefore, we make sure our company pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram always look complete, aesthetically pleasing, and professional and that they are filled with up-to-date, relevant content at all times.

The same goes for our Advisors: social media is a key communication channel to reach their (potential) customers, but they are often strapped for time, and managing their social media accounts is a time-consuming task that doesn’t fall within the core of their business. That’s why P&V stepped in with a unique solution to facilitate the creation of and access to social media content.

By centralising content access in Ambassify, our Advisors have a one-stop shop where they can find and share the articles, videos, and images that they prefer with just the click of a button, all of them pre-approved and tailored to them by P&V.

Justification of the program

Introducing an advocacy program was a solution to not only streamline the content creation process but also ensure that all content was in compliance with P&V guidelines, unified, and legally approved. This way, P&V can now guarantee that the right content reaches all of its Advisors at the right time, and that it’s qualitative enough to be published and to enhance their online presence

With a unified and approved content strategy, P&V can demonstrate the impact of its advocacy program, showcasing how it contributes to the overall brand strategy because of the data insights returned from the platform (shares, reach, clicks, and conversions). 

P&V community campaign

Benefits for P&V Advisors

The platform provides Advisors with a library of ready-to-share posts with the ultimate goal of saving them considerable time and resources. At the same time, the natural consequence is that our Advisors’ social media accounts are always updated with fresh content, ensuring they can service their followers much better.

The time that the Advisors save also allows Advisors to create their own engaging and personalised content: P&V encourages Advisors to take charge of creating fun posts and warnings in case of weather forecasts or local news which necessitate preventative measures, allowing them to infuse their personality into their social media presence.

Content variation and autonomy

The combination of easily sharing approved content provided by P&V and creating personalised local content allows the Advisors to share a wide variation of content on their social media pages. 

On top of that, with the Google Business Profile integration, Advisors can also enhance their visibility on Google, further boosting their online presence.

P&V community campaign

Driving adoption

By positioning the Ambassify platform as an exclusive community, P&V instills a sense of pride and responsibility among Advisors, as they are encouraged to play an active role in the P&V community. 

This approach encourages Advisors to see the platform not just as a tool but as a vital part of their professional journey. Ultimately, it strengthens the relationship between P&V and its network of Advisors.

P&V's innovative approach to Dealer Advocacy through the Ambassify platform has elevated our brand's social media presence and empowered Advisors to be more visible and engaged online. The combination of approved content, a dedicated Community Manager, and a sense of exclusivity has created a winning formula for P&V.

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