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Grab your exclusive end-of-the-year gift from Ambassify — download Ambassify's 2023 Content Calendar FOR FREE! It will become your go-to place for content ideas to spark your creativity and deliver that engagement for both your workforce and your audience!

What will you find inside?

Our content calendar is an extensive library of ideas and suggestions studied and brought to life by our creative team down to its smallest detail. It will become your go-to source of inspiration to craft fun and relevant social media posts and engaging campaigns for your audience and employees all year!

To make sure you don't miss out on any of it, we've created a Google calendar version of it! We all have busy lives and even busier working days, so we thought it might be handy to have these dates included in our daily agendas, right? 

Add the calendar to your Google calendar now! 👉 Click here!

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What's different this year?

download Ambassify 2023 Content Calendar

This year we decided to take this one step to give you a better tool to create content — 2023 is bound to be a different year, where we can do better and outdo ourselves. Here's how we want to help.

Every month's page is filled with commemorations and events, but that's not the end of it.

  1. You'll find tips on the side to make the best of those events by creating fun social media posts or campaigns for your community.
  2. You'll find a QR code at the bottom of every page: scan it to access an exclusive and personalized campaign example to recreate for your online community of ambassadors, with related tips & tricks from the Ambassify team!

We're excited and eager to see how our calendar will inspire you! 🚀 Get your copy now! 🗓️

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