8 Zaps to boost engagement through Ambassify

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There are many ways to stimulate both internal engagement among your ambassadors and external engagement on social media. In this article, we show you how our Zapier integration helps you create 8 code-free automation to contribute to that. 

A question we often get from our customers is how to increase internal engagement in the long run, maintain a high activation rate, and make sure that motivation is high at all times. There are many ways to do that, of course, and we’ve talked about it here and here, but in this article, we want to look at how automation can also come in handy when you want to boost engagement and activity among your ambassadors. 

Internal engagement is not the only thing you should pay attention to — external engagement (aka social media engagement and engagement on your content) is also a fundamental success metric in any marketing strategy and employee advocacy program. 

You may be familiar with Zapier — a tool that allows you to create customized, code-free automation to connect your most used apps and tools and slim down your workflows. The Ambassify platform integrates with this magic tool, and let me tell you, there are so many Zaps (aka, Zapier automation) you can create to make your life easier when managing an employee advocacy program. 

How to stimulate engagement and boost activity

Detect G2 crowd review sentiment

Let's start with a more elaborate Zap automation, I know, but a super cool one nonetheless. Sharing positive G2 reviews with your employees is a way to show them the results and fruit of their hard work and demonstrate that their efforts do pay off.

What’s really cool about this is that you’ll be leveraging the power of AI to enhance your content creation process. Creating little engagement-focused campaigns of this kind is sure to bring a warmer community feeling to your users and invite them to be more active in their role as ambassadors.

Send Slack message based on new Ambassify campaignSend Slack channel message based on new Ambassify campaignSend Microsoft Teams message based on new Ambassify campaign

These are classic Zaps that we use all the time at Ambassify — simply let your team members know whenever there is new content available for them in the community. 

This might seem a basic automation, but you’d be surprised to know how often employees don’t engage with campaigns simply because they don’t know they’re out there. A simple Slack or Microsoft Teams message can go a long way and remind people there’s a new campaign for them at the right time through the right channel.

How to boost engagement on your content

Auto boost new Hubspot blog posts through employee advocacy

Raising engagement levels on your content is the bread and butter of what employee advocacy is. That’s why this Zap is all the more important for it: simply automate the process of promoting your blog content, one article at a time. Let employees automatically re-share and amplify your content on social media and thus spread it to a wider audience and circle of reach.

Create employee advocacy campaign based on Youtube video

Auto create Employee advocacy campaign for new Wistia video

Video content is king when it comes to social media, and YouTube and Wistia are the platforms of choice for long videos. According to LinkedIn Ads Blog, video is 5x more likely to spark a conversation than any other type of content shared on LinkedIn.

This cool Zap hooks your YouTube channel or into your Wistia account and automatically creates an Ambassify campaign every time you post or upload a new video. 

All you need to do is approve the copy for your employee ambassadors to be able to share the video content in a share campaign directly on social media and give a boost to your video content.

Create employee advocacy campaign based on Instagram post

Did you know that on social media, there’s an average of 800% more engagement on posts shared by employees when compared to the same posts shared by official brand accounts? (Source: Social Media Today)

This is why this Zap (and all the other possible versions of it that you can create, including all your favorite social media platforms) is so pivotal for your content strategy. If you want to lose the hassle of creating campaigns every time you post something on social media yet still maximize your efforts, this Zap is for you.

Automatically generate a draft campaign in the Ambassify platform and let your employees boost the posts with re-shares, comments, and likes. Easy as that.

We’ve reached the end of our list! Enjoy these 8 game-changing Zaps to automate your processes and boost engagement — both on social media content and internally, to facilitate the success of your ambassador program and marketing strategy.