8 Customer Campaigns that caught our attention in 2023

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Let’s celebrate the successes of 2023 by going through 8 Ambassify campaigns created and launched by our customers that really stood out! They caught our attention for being not only successful but also very creative: they hinge on the pillars of employee advocacy to stimulate engagement and activation, and encourage the ambassadors’ efforts on social media.

We're excited to highlight a few customer campaigns that really stood out in 2023! Each of these is notable for various reasons—be it success, entertaining topics, or engaging content. Take a look at these inspiring examples, each of them aligning with one or multiple key drivers of Employee Advocacy: increasing brand trust, getting a wider reach, and improving employee morale.

We can't wait to see the creative campaigns they'll bring to life in 2024!

Renewi's Referral Campaign

Tapping into the existing pool of engaged employees is a powerful method to expand your employee advocacy program. Renewi successfully harnessed the power of its workforce, encouraging them to refer like-minded colleagues to help amplify the program's reach. The outcome? A rapid influx of new participants.

Renewi referral campaign

Infrabel’s Social Share Campaign “Code Rails”

This campaign, though simple in its design, proved to be effective. Its primary objective was to promote an adventure game, Code Rails, tailored for individuals aged 12 to 18. Guided by their educators, students engage in a playful learning experience, gaining insights into the behaviors near railway tracks and the safety protocols. 

The goal of this campaign was to let Infrabel’s employee advocates share the message on their own social media to reach a wider audience. The outcome? Impressive:

  • 1,977 shares by 811 advocates
  • A potential reach of 774,206
  • 1,874 clicks to the Code Rail  landing page

Infrabel Code Rail social share campaign

Securex’s Approach to Encouraging Employee-Generated Content

The concept behind this campaign is to actively encourage the creation of user-generated content by existing employee advocates, offering them additional points as a reward for their contributions. This ensures that the posts crafted by employees on social media receive the recognition they deserve. 

With over 250 interactions (and counting!), this has been one of Securex’s most popular campaigns this year.

Securex encouraging user-generated content

OMP sharing tips with employee advocates to boost their profile on LinkedIn

In alignment with the previous campaign, in this example, OMP takes a proactive step by providing valuable tips and tricks to employee advocates aimed at enhancing their presence on LinkedIn. 

This is a good example of the push and pull principle that we emphasize to our clients. This goes beyond simply requesting advocates to share content. Instead, it’s all about giving valuable things in return and providing a comprehensive experience. In this example, OMP provides their users with tips & tricks to get the most out of LinkedIn. This way, they aim to improve the quality of their advocacy program while helping their employees become thought leaders.

OMP teaching ambassadors about LinkedIn


Pluxee Romania: vote for your favorite nature picture for World Tourism Day campaign

In celebration of World Tourism Day, Pluxee Romania (formerly Sodexo) launched a creative campaign for their employee advocates. The idea was to launch a photo challenge where employees could share a photo from this year’s summer holiday that they enjoyed with their Sodexo Tourist Pass. Afterward, the employees in the community could vote for their favorite photo via a voting campaign. 

The cover photo for this campaign was created by combining all the photos submitted in the challenge. And thanks to all the submissions, Pluxee created an interactive map with all the locations captured by the employees in the photos, with the goal of promoting beautiful places to visit in Romania (and it stimulated employee engagement while adding a nice layer of fun).

Pluxee Romania celebrating world tourism day

Unique’s campaign to celebrate them being a “Great place to work”

Sharing good news is something everyone enjoys. That's why Unique launched an engaging campaign, inviting their employees to share that they belong in the Great Place to Work top 10. This gave a positive boost to their employer branding, both internally and externally. The campaign was shared 85 times and reached a potential audience of 68,023.

Unique celebrated them being a best place to work

Liantis’ celebration campaign

Another client that had something nice to celebrate was Liantis. They are elected as a “Baanbrekende Werkgever” (Groundbreaking Employer), which means they joined a learning network of organizations that want to develop and position themselves as sustainable and people-oriented employers.

With this campaign, they gave their employees the chance to determine how they will soon celebrate this achievement. Three sustainable options were provided, and more than 170 people voted. The outcome is yet to be revealed!

Swiss Life Global Solutions’ communication about their results 

While technically not a campaign, we’d like to end the list with an interesting take from Swiss Life. They crafted an email for their employee advocates, presenting the outcomes of their contributions on the platform. 

Informing advocates about the impact of their efforts serves to boost engagement significantly. This approach provides them with a concrete understanding of their work as advocates, surpassing the effectiveness of community rewards. That's why we find this a compelling example worth sharing. Swiss Life Global Solutions celebrating successes of 2023

These campaign examples show that Employee Advocacy can take many different forms. The common thread is that they all tap into the potential of your workforce and increase their involvement, whether this is by leveraging their networks, gathering their feedback, or providing them with educational content. With a clear vision and a little creativity,  you can give your ambassadors a diverse and engaging experience, which will ultimately benefit your business.

We look forward to seeing our customers and employee advocacy evolve in 2024!