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It is with great pleasure that we announce our decision to partner with! Together with them, we will support companies and organizations in building an employer branding strategy and empowering employees to share their employer branding efforts with the outside world as brand ambassadors. 

We are passionately dedicated to providing a tool for companies to manage their employer brand, share it with their workforce, and spread it to the outside world with the help of their employees, which is why we are thrilled to be joining forces with and forge such a powerful partnership with a leading employer branding agency in Belgium. is an industry leader in all things employer branding and digital recruitment whose efforts are driven by a team of experts and professionals. They help companies map out their employer brand and its strategy based on the three pillars of identity, brand data, and communication plan.

They believe in the power of a strong, personal, and unique brand story, which is why they will help you craft it starting from your unique corporate and employer identity and supported by accurate research and real-time data.

Why we decided to partner with

What makes unique, in our opinion, is their special focus. They help organizations discover and share their employer brand with the right crowd — including potential talents and future candidates who might not be part of the team yet — with particular attention to their unique identity and culture. shares our belief that a strong employer brand is real and starts with a company’s own people. These folks are the ones who can truly attest to the culture and work environment that lives within the walls of the office: they're the heart of it, making it what it is every single day. 

Rik Lagey, Word-of-Mouth Enabler at Ambassify: “I first met Kristof, Managing Partner at, on a top HR-Employer Branding quiz. There was like immediately a click as our vision and answers were quite similar. Both of us understood that Employer Branding is way more than just another marketing layer. It's about translating your Employee Value Proposition into tangible and authentic stories of real people. It's about really engaging your employees in daily operations and gathering feedback and ideas. It's about facilitating employee advocacy in the best way so employees feel comfortable and supported for sharing corporate content and personal "work stories." It's the combination of those elements that will make your Employer Branding strategy succeed. For me, this like-mind thinking was definitely the reason to start partnering.”

The unique nature of our partnership

To facilitate content sharing and empower employees to speak out about their company’s employer brand, we teamed up with while we provide the technology to turn employees into brand ambassadors, brings structure and the expertise to craft the right content to enhance the brand’s own story before spreading it to the outside world. 

As a SaaS provider, Ambassify offers a solution — software that enables companies to activate their employer branding strategy, break down barriers, and empower employees with an easy-to-use tool with tailored features designed to facilitate employer branding efforts. With inspiring and engaging content and a gamified environment, we aim to go beyond simple content sharing to actually build communities.  

However, having a strong employer branding strategy in place is crucial on different levels, and many companies find it difficult to shape their brand identity into a convincing and appealing story and culture. Hence our partnership with — we strongly believe that having experienced professionals to help set up a proper strategy, manage it, and spread the results both internally and externally is often a solution that yields results in the long run. With their years of know-how and hands-on expertise, experts are really good at letting everyone know what each employer has to offer and how it makes a difference.

Kristof Van Den Eyden, Managing Partner at "When Rik and I kicked off our chats about Employer Branding & Employee Engagement we were totally on the same page. Forget about the glitter and glamour; a killer Employer Brand is all about an authentic connection employees feel with their workplace, and how it shines through both inside and out.

At, we specialise in spreading this vibe through various channels. Then Rik spilled the beans about Ambassify’s mission, and it hit me – there's a whole new level of communication we're missing out on that could seriously level up our message. So teaming up with Ambassify? No-brainer. Our services and vision sync up perfectly, and together, our teams are about to pull off some seriously cool stuff. Keep an eye on us!"

By partnering up with them, we aim to provide common customers with a fully rounded experience, where Ambassify is the solution provider — committed to tailoring the platform and features to the needs of each individual client, a speedy and complete onboarding process, and ongoing customer support to achieve their goals — and lends its highly trained experts to bring to the table excellent expertise in executing branding strategies.

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