Case study: how to engage employees in sustainability

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In today's customer case we'll show you how to engage employees in sustainability-related initiatives. Unique used Ambassify to launch an initiative in support of De Warmste Week. This is an organization that every year in Belgium collects money for a good cause during the week leading up to Christmas, and companies and organizations can collect and donate money toward it.

Unique launched an initiative to participate to it, and motivated their entire workforce to take part and pitch in. Here below we'll discuss how the sustainability project worked and came about.

The concept 

De Warmste week inspires lots of people in Belgium to raise money every year, And that's why Unique wanted to also participate as a company and make it a group effort, to also work toward a sustainable development goal (SDG) together in the process.  

How? Unique came up with an idea to engage their entire company. The concept was easy but effective, straightforward but brilliant. Every employee got the chance to propose a talent of theirs — auction it off, as it were —  and all other employees could bid on the talents they liked the most.

Like in an actual auction, employees are also allowed to overbid each other – the idea here is that this could spark competition and raise more money. All the money they collect goes directly to De Warmste Week!

How Unique engaged employees in sustainability

Step 1: First, they created a form campaign in Ambassify in which they explained the whole idea, so people knew how it all worked and how to participate.

Step 2: The community manager gathered the names of all the incoming participants and their talents as the initiative started to take shape.

To stimulate more engagement, generate more buzz, and grow the initiative, they created a campaign promotion message linking back to the initial form campaign. They gave more examples of the talents they had already collected and others that could still join. By highlighting several aspects of the project, they drew more attention and received even more subscriptions.

Unique campaign page for De Warmste Week

Unique campaign page for De Warmste Week



Step 3: They created and spotlighted a campaign explaining how the bidding works to ensure smooth participation. The campaign explains the initiative clearly and gives all the details of the cause using an appealing tone of voice. Yes, emojis are included. Once read, community members could click on the “I understand it” button to confirm!

The results: Unique talents

A whole range of talents was submitted by employees all over the company and from all kinds of departments and from different regions. To showcase the talents, a custom tab called “De Warmste Week” was created. A separate tab and version of the game were made with a similar setup for the French-speaking part of the company and the country, namely “Viva for Life.” Unique then created separate campaigns for each of the auctioned talents.

For example: a guaranteed night out of fun with the boys in the city of Leuven. 

Engaged employees on De Warmste Week campaign of Unique

Measuring their sustainable development goals

What’s also interesting is that Ambassify allows you to measure which talents were the most popular based on the number of bids they got.

In the engagement report, you can see the results in the “campaign view” and by sorting on the column “comments” to see a descending overview. On top of that, you can filter on the tag “De Warmste Week” to clear out all other campaigns and focus on the initiative-related campaigns.

If you want to check out the details of a specific auctioned talent, such as how high the bids were, for example, you can do that by diving into the specific talent campaign.

Promoting their advocacy platform

Not only does Unique support the DWW project with this original initiative, a lot more benefits were reaped because of it:

  • Employees who weren’t yet part of the ambassador community were
    drawn to the platform and registered to it, thus expanding Unique’s
    advocate base.

  • They managed to stimulate a lot of engagement among the community members, drew people closer to each other and collaborateed on a good cause.

  • Everyone found out new things about their colleagues’ talents and discovered a new side of them – both those with whom they’d work closely but also those they might hardly know.

Unique campaign page for De Warmste Week


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