How KRAMP Unifies Branding and Messaging through Dealer Advocacy

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In this article, we talk about how KRAMP has been using Ambassify to streamline content distribution to their Powered-by-KRAMP shops and how they unify their brand experience and messaging on all social media channels through dealer advocacy.

It’s safe to say that no matter what type of company you are, having an advocacy program is a very fundamental part of content marketing — one that offers endless benefits for both companies and advocates.

If you’re an organization with a dealer or franchise network, dealer advocacy is the way to ensure your brand presence is consistent, providing a unified experience throughout all the available channels. And, of course, you wouldn’t be the only one who benefits from it as your dealer or reseller network will also reap countless advantages because of it. 

In this article, we talk about how KRAMP — Europe’s largest specialist in spare parts and accessories for the agricultural industry, with 11 distribution centers and 24 sales offices spread over Europe — is using Ambassify to do just that: to unify their branding and messaging through dealer advocacy. To get to know the ins and outs of their use case, we talked to Kim Flossy, Marketing Specialist at KRAMP.

How is Ambassify a good fit for KRAMP?

I learned about Ambassify through a dealer of ours. I was browsing her social media pages and noticed that she was posting regularly about STIHL, so I asked her about it – why she was posting about them but not about KRAMP. 

She said that STIHL made her life much easier — they would send her an email every week with two or three fully prepared campaigns to post content on social media with branded visuals and messages, and all she had to do was click on a few buttons, and the post was live. She didn’t have to give it a second thought because it was already all prepared for her to use.

Contrarily, in order to post content about KRAMP, she’d have to think about what message to write, how to write it, where to share it, etc., and it was really hard to find the time and the creativity to do so on a weekly basis.

That’s when I found out about Ambassify — because it was the tool that STIHL also uses to deliver that kind of content. Knowing that was exactly the kind of tool KRAMP needed, I reached out.

PV_Campaign_Templete_PART_2-33 (1)PV_Campaign_Templete_PART_2-34 (1)Social share campaign by KRAMP.

Why did you choose Ambassify?

We compared Ambassify with other competitors, and after evaluating and comparing the tools, Ambassify came out the strongest.

From our point of view, Ambassify was the most straightforward and easy to use, with an intuitive interface for users, which is why, in the end, the decision was made to choose Ambassify as a tool to engage with our resellers.

How did you onboard the users on the platform?

The onboarding process was neat and smooth for KRAMP and was divided into two phases. The first one was with the account managers. For them, we organized some internal sessions, where they would share information about the product, explain in detail why we wanted to launch such a program, and what their role in it was and could be. These info sessions also helped them get more familiar with the platform and easily understand how it all works. Because they are used to working with social media on a daily basis, it was not that difficult to convince them to use it and be active users.

To persuade our Powered by KRAMP shops to work with Ambassify, instead —  for the second phase —  I went to visit them personally at their shops and showed the platform to them directly and showed them how to create an account, log in, connect to and use the platform, so they could see immediately how easy it was.

It was easier to explain the platform to show them how it works, how easy it is to use, and how they can share content in a few clicks. I went there to explain the system's value to them, and in that way, they were more convinced. 

What is your favorite feature on Ambassify?

One of the features I use the most, and I find the easiest to work with, is the segmentation option

It allows me to segment the audience of a specific campaign so that different groups don't see each other's content. And, of course, this makes it possible to show certain types of content to certain people and thus tailor each campaign to each user or user group.

Another positive thing about Ambassify is the help I get from the help desk – if I put in a question in the chat or I send an email, I get an answer within a few minutes; it's always very clearly explained, so that's a really nice feature. Well done, Ambassify!

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