Employee Social Media Training: How to Empower your Advocates

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Employee advocacy on social media is emerging as a game-changer in corporate marketing strategies. It transcends mere brand promotion, which is why providing employee social media training can be an essential step to cultivate a mindset aligned with the company's branding and communication strategies and ensure success.

The power of social media as a tool for business promotion is undeniable, and having a social media presence is not only a nice-to-have but an actual must for companies. To build up their image with brand trust and credible authenticity, companies are increasingly turning to their most accessible yet often underutilized assets – their employees. 

Employee advocacy on social media is emerging as a game-changer in corporate marketing strategies. Employees can massively impact a business's bottom line through their advocacy efforts. Yet, the key to a successful employee advocacy program lies in practical employee social media training.

The nuance of employee advocacy on social media

Employee advocacy transcends mere brand promotion. It's about empowering employees to be the brand's voice by showcasing their expertise, experience, work life, and thoughts, thus amplifying the brand’s image. 

This advocacy takes on a more authentic and personal form when executed on social media platforms, where advocacy mostly plays out and can most influence people. Employees sharing insights about their workplace, industry news, or company achievements can significantly amplify a company's message. However, this isn't without challenges. The distinction between personal opinion and corporate messaging can blur, potentially leading to inconsistencies in brand portrayal or even reputational risks.

Employee social media training: more than just a skillset

The transition from using social media for personal expression to professional advocacy requires a shift in understanding and skills. It's not just about teaching employees how to use social media; it's about cultivating a mindset aligned with the company's branding and communication strategies. 

Employee social media training should not be a one-off session but a continuous learning process involving understanding brand and social media guidelines, mastering communication nuances, and staying updated with evolving digital trends.

For instance, employees should be trained to understand the brand's voice — is it formal, friendly, or somewhere in between? — but also finding their own. Being on social media and being an active voice in the industry requires a certain level of confidence to portray your ideas and thoughts and express them authentically. 

Employees should be adept at aligning their posts with the company's tone yet simultaneously distinguish themselves for their personal and genuine take. Moreover, they need to be able to navigate the legal landscape surrounding social media, including copyright laws, confidentiality agreements, and necessary disclosures. This knowledge safeguards both the employee and the company from potential legal pitfalls.

Effective and measurable employee social media training programs

Employee social media training should be an interactive and ongoing process, incorporating real-life scenarios, interactive workshops, and hands-on exercises can significantly enhance the learning experience. 

The success of social media training should be measurable — at the risk of sounding and feeling an awful lot like a university exam, measuring results and achievement will help employees gain the confidence to venture out into the social landscape or refocus their skills by learning from others. At the same time, companies should track metrics such as the frequency and quality of employee posts, engagement rates, and the overall reach and impact — something that a reliable employee advocacy platform could easily help with. This data not only measures the training program's effectiveness but also helps continuously refine it.

Encouraging participation in employee social media training

One of the main challenges in employee social media training is ensuring consistent participation and adherence to the company’s guidelines. To tackle this, companies should foster a culture where social media advocacy is valued and recognized. Regular updates, refresher courses, and rewards and recognition systems for effective social media advocacy can maintain employee interest and compliance.

On top of that, providing regular feedback sessions where employees can share their experiences, challenges, and successes in social media advocacy can create a supportive environment.


As social media platforms and technologies evolve, companies will have no choice but to provide employee social media training to ambassadors to ensure a smooth advocacy experience. Such training will become a vital component in the broader context of employee advocacy: they will be the solution to equipping employees with the right skills, knowledge, and mindset to navigate and thrive in the social media landscape as brand ambassadors.

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