Building a People-Focused Employer Brand at Ambassify

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We have been putting a lot of initiative into place to create and cultivate an authentic Employer Brand. Why? Because an authentic Employer Brand leads to employee Ambassadors who value your positive and engaging culture. In this blog, we’ll discuss how we turn our principles and values into reality.  

A company creates the most impact when you have a meaningful & authentic employer brand strategy that’s aligned with your company identity. To achieve this, you have to involve your employees & ensure that your brand on paper accurately reflects your brand in real life.

Employee Ambassadors

Employee ambassadors turn your employer branding into employee branding. You can’t underestimate the impact of employee ambassadors.

Employee Ambassadors are 3x more credible than the CEO or the corporate voice when it comes to talking about company culture and working conditions (source: Glassdoor).

And that’s where the importance of the match between your brand on paper and reality is crucial. Your employees’ main contact with your brand and way of working is in the entire employee lifecycle. You must ensure that your brand is intertwined with every stage so that your employees connect with it daily.

Aligning your employee lifecycle

You have an employee lifecycle, and it’s your opportunity to really make it tailored to your organization. It’s your chance to motivate, include & engage your employees in something that is very important to them.

We always suggest:

  • Analyzing your entire employee lifecycle
  • Identifying mismatches between reality & your strategic brand
  • Making changes accordingly to align your employee lifecycle with your employer brand

Employer Branding at Ambassify

When people look at Ambassify as a company (external or internal people), we wish that everyone sees how motivated, involved, and innovative we are as a team. And that’s because those are the three pillars of our Employer Brand.

These pillars find their roots in our founding belief: people are your unique selling point.

We always encourage people to take ownership of their projects and work. We give them space to do that and to think for themselves. We like to cultivate passion and motivation among our employees; we strive to keep people engaged with our company mission and goals, encourage them to take initiative, think outside the box, and celebrate our successes within the team.

How we intertwined our employer brand with the reality

As mentioned before, it’s crucial that your employer brand strategy is intertwined with your day-to-day operations. In our case, that means that innovation, motivation & involvement have to be fostered in everything – from our initiatives and principles to our values and standards.

Let’s look at some examples:

Compensation strategy

A compensation strategy can be straightforward and not complex, with a salary and some fringe benefits. However, when you think it through and are thoughtful about it and how it aligns with your identity, it has a greater impact and becomes something not so ordinary but specific to you.

A concrete example of how we turned our compensation strategy into something that resonates with our company & employees is our latest addition: the cafeteria plan.

Cafeteria plan at Ambassify

How does it match with our employer brand?

  • Innovation. We don’t wish to have an ordinary salary package. Our product is innovative, and so should our policies. Having a regular salary combined with a company phone, a car perhaps, would not make us stand out as a company. However, implementing a cafeteria plan will.

  • Involvement. Employees get more ownership over how a part of their salary is allocated. Besides that, we also asked our employees which benefits they would prefer, so we actually created the plan as a team.

  • Motivation. That last point ensures that there is a high level of appreciation & that employees feel motivated.

Team-building event

A perhaps trivial example for the business side, but not so trivial for the employees, is how we incorporate our employees’ voices in the organization of our team-building events. They got to add ideas & vote for their favorite ones. The idea with the most votes won. That is a simple way on how you can easily increase the sense of belonging for employees.

team-building event planning at Ambassify

Employee Branding on LinkedIn

By staying true to who we are as a company in most of our processes, we manage to create ambassadors along the way.

Employee branding on LinkedIn: Laurens Bobbaers

Employee Branding on LinkedIn: Marie Beckers

When people now visit our LinkedIn page, it is filled with prime examples of who we want to be as a company, embodied by our employees. We have pinned and collected here some employee posts that reflect and show the pride of our team and their commitment to Ambassify.