4 Zaps to Boost your Event Marketing Initiatives through Ambassify

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Employee advocacy is a game changer if you want to scale your Marketing and branding efforts, including your Event Marketing initiatives. Through Ambassify's integration with Zapier, you can connect tons of apps to our platform and automate event promotion through your ambassadors. Here are our top 4 Zaps to do that!

Employee advocacy is a game changer if you want to scale your Marketing and branding efforts. Whether it’s about employer branding or corporate branding, your employees are the key to enhancing your brand presence and making you top-of-mind in the market.

Event marketing plays a big role in scaling your brand — participating in events and organizing them both pull their weight here. Event marketing is something your employees can also help you boost, increasing awareness and spreading the word through their network on social media. 

Ambassify is your platform of choice to facilitate advocacy and make sure that your ambassadors are promoting and advocating for your cause on social media. Which is why, to support you in spreading awareness about your events — virtual and non — and give an extra boost to your Event Marketing initiatives, we want to share with you our top 3 Zap templates to automate event promotion through Ambassify. 

3 Zaps to automate your event promotion through Ambassify

Share events of Livestorm on social media

This Zap is perfect to promote your virtual Livestorm events and give them the extra boost by having ambassadors share the event on social media. 

integrate Ambassify with Livestorm

And the best part is that you don’t even have to worry about spending time creating a campaign for your employees to share — the Ambassify AI assistant will write a copy for the campaign for you based on the details of the Livestorm event. All you have to do is set it live and let the word of mouth do its thing.

Do you prefer to hold your webinars and virtual events through Zoom or Microsoft Teams instead? We've got you covered — you can create a different version of this Zap by connecting any of your preferred webinar apps!

integrate Ambassify with Zoom

Here’s an extra Zap for you:

Ambassify share new Zoom webinars

Extra tip? Make that campaign an Affiliate campaign, and Ambassify will let your employees share content through a unique link to track conversions on those shares.

Auto promote new Eventbrite events on social media

Event marketing involves lots of in-person events, too, right? That’s why we prepped this Zap to add to your arsenal of automation.

integrate Ambassify with Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a popular event management platform, but you can create this Zap using your own preferred app to manage events and ticketing. Simple as that, your employees will be notified of the new event and will be able to gather leads and subscribers by tapping into their loyal network.

Create share campaign for new calendar events

As we mentioned earlier, scaling your presence is also about being at events and showing your face to different audiences. This Zap is perfect for whenever one of your team members is going to be a speaker at an event and you want to promote their talks.

Integrate Ambassify and Google Calendar

Make some noise on social media by automatically letting your ambassadors spread the word and engage with your own promotional posts on social media to raise awareness and boost your presence.

There you have them — our choice of Zap automation you can create to connect Ambassify with your favorite event management and webinar apps. Make Ambassify-fueled promotion a habit in your Event Marketing strategy and initiatives to boost lead generation, views, traffic, and engagements through your ambassadors’ word of mouth.

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