Why #TNWEUROPE Was The Perfect Place To Launch Our New Product

June 01, 2016
by Koen Stevens

The dust is settling around The Next Web 2016 in Amsterdam and at Ambassify we are looking back at a spectacular visit with fond memories.

This year we were selected for the BOOST program, a chance to showcase and pitch our company during the event. The theme of the conference was “Calling all Crazy Ones” and with this in mind, we knew we were in for some new interesting perspectives.

Ambassify is a new product from our company BuboBox. Through BuboBox, we help companies to identify their brand advocates, Ambassify takes this to another level and activates them.

In short it’s a community-driven growth platform we've been working hard on since last year.

Up until the event, we mainly partnered with early adopters in order to test the waters of our product.

At The Next Web, we were for the first time telling our story to a much broader audience. We took this opportunity head first and enjoyed the ride. After two amazing days, we are confident that The Next Web was the perfect place to launch our new product and here's why


It might seem like a minor footnote to the event but the city of Amsterdam brings out a carefree side of people. With its historical center and eye for detail, it embodies the Dutch do-it-yourself and entrepreneurial backdrop needed for the conference.

Nothing beats the right mindset, especially with a highly international crowd.

Our booth was located practically on the main stage, so we had plenty of intriguing visitors to connect with. There was definitely the right chemistry in the air and it felt great resonating with the TNW audience.



With over 20K visitors at the event, it's hard to not compare it to the likes of an exciting music festival. It was wonderful to experience this level of enthusiasm at one place.

Keynote speakers at the event were attracting large crowds, with the audience actively cheering during their presentations. This feeling was pushed to the max during the Gary Vaynerchuk and Casey Neistat talks.

For an event like the TNW that started in 2006, it amazes us to see how much the start-up scene is maturing in such enormous ways.


The themes being discussed this year inspired us to elaborate even more on our own product vision.

Some of the topics presented by the speakers were the increased use of Ad blocking technology, growth in authenticity, social proof, and machine learning. These are all concepts we strongly believe in at Ambassify.

Knowing the relevance of what you're working towards, made us aware that Ambassify is on the right path towards the next web.


Each day after the event there were meeting places around the city filled with investors, social media gurus and entrepreneurs.

It’s an exhilarating feeling when the first person you talk to at a bar turns out to be a partner of one the biggest investment firms in the Benelux area. Also, it wasn't uncommon to be talking with one entrepreneur while another interested ear joined in the conversation.


Being Belgians, these kinds of interactions are our natural habitat. Conversing with like-minded people, unfortunately over a Heineken, is the perfect space for networking. It seemed that Lady Luck also stayed up a bit later after TNW conference days, helping us to seal some deals with potential customers.


To be selected for the BOOST program at TNW was a fantastic privilege only shared with a few dozen other startups.

"We cherry-picked all these start-ups from all over Europe. If there's a start-up to revolutionise the enterprise industry, it will be one of these promising companies." - TNW 2016

Needless to say, these are heartfelt words to receive after all the hard work we put into Ambassify. Our deep gratitude goes out to the start-up scouts at TNW. To have our name on the list of the 30 companies to revolutionise the enterprise industry, gave us that extra spark of confidence during the investment pitch and meetings.



To make our name stick with the people visiting our booth, we handed out little pots of soil and seeds of the flower named “Forget-Me-Not”.

We attached a little message saying “Making your company grow through advocates is just as easy as growing this Forget-Me-Not”. The message really resonated with the crowd and we received enormous amounts of positive reactions. We are also expecting to receive many pictures of these flowers being grown in offices all around the world.

Our take back on these two days was also unforgettable. It has been a great ride with the early adopters, that are already enjoying our new product, but it’s good to gain that extra push.

In our case, that was the TNW BOOST program. We couldn't have asked for a better moment to launch something we are truly excited about and connect with such a wonderful and understanding crowd.

Looking forward to the 2017 edition!


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