Facebook, much more than hitting the “Like”-button

January 17, 2015
by Pieter Moens

Social Media is everywhere in our daily life. Companies are doing amazing stuff on social media and if you're not on social media as a company nowadays, it takes quite a big effort to catch up.

Companies have a large choice between the social media networks they want to be visible on. For most people, Facebook is deeply integrated in their daily life. Just one of the many reasons why many companies are looking to invest more in Facebook marketing.

Some statistics on Facebook Marketing

In Belgium, over 5.600.000 people have a Facebook account. Of those people, 74 % of them logs in daily and 85 % visit Facebook on a weekly base. This means that brands have a huge audience they can connect with on a daily base.

A significant evolution in the history of Facebook, is the growth of mobile devices. More than 65 % of our daily visitors check Facebook via their mobile devices.

In terms of proximity, that's a huge advantage for brands. In the early days, brands had to communicate through bill boards, magazines, television etcetera.

Today, brands have the opportunity to be present in your customers trousers and even in their bed, right before your customers go to bed. A huge opportunity to set up a creative communication strategy.

Facebook marketing

Daily reach, compared with the mobile penetration in Belgium. 

But attention, there's a catch: only 2% to 6%* of your audience will see the  content you publish on your company page, without paying for it (* officially communicated by Facebook). In real life, this number is even more reduced.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 17.28.46

Organic versus paid Facebook reach

This means that brands have to pay to appear in the Newsfeed of customers or prospects. But is it all worth the money? Do customers pay enough attention to Facebook and do they stay long enough so the brand communication resonates with your target group?

On average, Facebook is visited 32,1 times per month. Youtube follows on the second place, with only 12,5 average visits per user per month. Facebook users almost spent the same amount of time as Youtube users, which is quite remarkable, knowing that videos are much more time consuming than text updates, photos, brand messages etc.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 17.15.46

Average monthly visit versus time spent

As mentioned above, Facebook is the best integrated social network in our daily lives. This implicates a lot of activity on Facebook. Take a look at the image below and get stunned by some awesome numbers. The infographic below shows the actions that happen each minute on Facebook. 

A facebook minute

Infographic: Whats happening each minute on Facebook? 

Facebook is offering a range of advertising formats, to fulfil the objective of your business. If you take the specific targeting formats into account, together with the different advertising formats and the different platforms (desktop, mobile, tablet), Facebook is the perfect platform to activate your community. 

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