Product Updates: New features for September 2019

September 24, 2019
by Damian Keane

The hazy days of summer have ended, autumn is upon us, everything is "pumpkin spice" flavoured, and it's time to get back to work. Our development team have been busy making user-driven improvements in Ambassify, and have released some handy new features too! Want to know more? Read on!

Google Tag Manager Integration

Tracking interactions and collecting data is vital to understanding how certain campaigns impact your website and traffic. With that in mind, we’ve added the option to configure your own Google Tag Manager containers directly on the Ambassify platform. This will allow you to configure your own analytics, tracking pixels, or any other scripts you might find useful.

You can add your own container ID from the management panel under Settings > Tracking.


Improved link functionality

Internal Comm & Productivity

A simple, yet important improvement that we've just launched is the ability for links within campaigns to open in a different tab on the user web browser. This means that your recipients remain within their dashboard and not sent to an external URL in the same tab. 


Disable Campaign Preview in Messages


Another simple, yet useful feature when you're creating new campaigns to send to your audience: It is now possible to disable the campaign preview in promotion messages by double clicking the preview and disabling the "Show Campaign Preview" in message checkbox.

That's all for now! With more great features in development right now, we'll be back with another update very soon! If you're an Ambassify user, and want to request a feature that would make a difference to how you use Ambassify, then get in touch with us today!


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