Storytelling: don’t act like Kanye West

February 27, 2016
by Koen Stevens

A little while ago I read an article online about the ‘Kanye West-effect’. You can say that I’m not really a fan of the rapper, because of his enormous ego.

In the past, Mr. West has made some remarkable statements. He wants to run for president in 2020 and considers himself the voice of his generation.

Unfortunately, you can compare some companies to Mr. West. They think that they are the main character of their story and their only mission is to prove everyone how innovative, fast, friendly or charitable they are.

For most of us, these are meaningless words though. This doesn’t reflect what customers want to hear, it’s not effective and the credibility decreases. Companies have to focus on the added value they can create for their customers.

Storytelling is not about bragging about your success stories, but it’s more about getting to know your company itself and more importantly, getting to know your customers.

1. Storytelling is not really about you


An excessive belief in one's own product or company only isn’t very convincible and this way companies are more likely to enter a monolog instead of a dialogue. As I mentioned before it’s not only about telling your success stories. So stop bragging and tell the real story.

In every good story, there’s a dragon to be killed. People want to read about the difficulties within the company and especially how you tackled them. This way people can relate to your company and even compare certain situations with their own lives.

Luckily a lot of companies do get it right.

There are numerous tips and tricks for successful storytelling, but a good way is to let your customers tell the story for you. This is called advocate marketing. Once you have identified your fans, you can turn them into real brand advocates, who can share their positive experiences with their personal network online.

Kanye West may become president in 2020. Who knows? But the key to successful storytelling is to listen to your customers and to stay humble and honest.

You have to find out what’s important to your customers and by interacting with them; they will feel more connected to your company.

Advocacy Marketing Game Plan

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